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Since there are individual differences with each pet, the list below contains charges and is just for reference.
Shampoo CourseBasic Menu+ Face and paw hair cutting
Cutting CourseBasic Menu+Total body hair cutting
Basic Menu=Brushing(Trimming mats)Shampoo .Rinse .Nail clipping . Nail clipping . al gland cleaning .Trimming (hair on belly, around paws and anus)
Pudong Shop <click>
Flagship Shop <click>
  Small dog (yuan) Medium size dog (yuan) Large dog (yuan)
Dry powder item the same as shower the same as shower the same as shower
Ear treatment 30~
Special hair treatment 50~ 80~ 120~
Claypack and massage 150~ 250~ 400~
Course using medicated shampoo 30~ 50~ 80~
Sensitive (Low irritation)shampoo and rinse 30~ 50~ 80~
Hotspring (using PetEthe bath salt) 40~ 60~ -
Feet massage 30~ 40~ 50~
Anti-flea shampoo 30~ 40~ 80~
Teeth treatment 30~ 40~ 50~
Hair dye item 30~80/part
Special service ——
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